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Undergraduate Pogram

The educational goal is to provide undergraduates with a solid foundation in the field of computer science and information engineering. Beyond the core curriculum, students are offered a wide range of electives, allowing students to flexibly plan their studies according to their interests and abilities. The elective courses mainly cover five subjects: Video and Audio Technology, Intelligent System and Machine Learning, Network Communication, Information Security and Cloud Computing, and Parallel Computing and Embedded System. We expect students can bring these competencies into their future careers and activities.

  Spring Fall

 = Calculus(1)

=Computer Programming

=Lab. of Computer Programming

=Introduction to Computer Science


=Object-Oriented Programming

=Lab for Object Oriented Programming

=Introduction to Digital Electronics

=Linear Algebra


=Discrete Mathematics

=Data Structures

=Introduction to Computer Networks

=Digital System Design

=Probability and Statistics


=Computer Organization

=Engineering Mathematics


=Operating Systems

=Programming Languages

=Software Engineering

=Compiler Design

=Database Systems

=Special project (1)


=Special project(2)


Elective courses

Video and Audio Technology

=Networked Multimedia Applications

=Introduction to Multimedia Information Systems

=Multimedia Laboratory

=Fundamentals of Computer Graphics

=Fundamentals of Computer Graphics Laboratory

=Introduction to Computer Graphics

=Laboratory of Introduction to Computer Graphics

=Computer Music Synthesis

=Mobile Game Design

=Computer Game Design and Development(1)(2)

=Digital Sound-Effect Practice

=Introduction of Gaming Art


Intelligent System and Machine Learning

=Introduction to Fuzzy Systems

=Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

=Scientific Computation Programming

=Special Projects on Intelligent Robot Systems

=AI and Machine Learning

=Introduction to the Design and Application of Intelligent Electronic Systems

=Game Theory

=Introduction to Human Computer Interaction

=Introduction to Data Science

=Introduction to Natural Language Processing


Network Communication

=Internet Programming

=Introduction to Wireless and Mobile Networks

=Networked Life and APPs

=Design of Wearable Electronics Applications

=Mobile Device Programming

=Introduction to IoT Data Analytics

=Modern Networking

=Introduction to Next-Generation Wireless Networks


Information Security and Cloud Computing

=Cloud Computing

=Introduction to Information Security

=Intrusion Detection and Prevention

=Network Security

=Introduction to Cryptography

=Web Security


Parallel Computing and Embedded System

=Embedded Systems

=Introduction to Real-Time Operating Systems

=Operating System for Embedded Microprocessor

=Advanced Data Structures

=Introduction to Real-Time Systems

=Embedded System Programming iOS

=iOS Programming

=Mobile Device Programming

=Mobile Game Design

=Introduction to the Design and Application of Intelligent Electronic Systems

=Design of Wearable Electronics Applications

=Cloud Computing

=Computer Game Programming

=Full-Stack Web Design and Development

=Introduction to Flash-memory Storage Systems

=Intelligent Transportation and Embedded Systems

=Practices for Intelligent Transportation and Embedded Systems