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About us


   The graduate program of the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering was established on August 1, 1999. The founding faculty members came from departments such as Electronic Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Information Management. Afterward, the undergraduate program of the our department was later established on August 2001, with both two-year and four-year undergraduate programs, and the department became one of the members of the College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Since 2001, besides regular Master and Ph.D. programs, the graduate program starts offering part-time Master program in order to reach more tightly connection between the academic and the industry and to provide a talent nurturing environment for the industry.
   The main objective of our department is to train students with equal emphasis on theory and practice of computer science and information engineering. Major research areas of our department include multimedia network, artificial intelligence, and information security. The achievement in these research areas includes numerous research papers published and numerous industry-university contracts awarded. Our department is also sponsored by top research centers, national telecommunication projects. Our department serves as one of the most important research centers which combine theory and practice while providing students a world-class learning environment in Taiwan.
   In addition, our department enjoys cooperation with other research centers, domestic or abroad. In order to achieve globalization and to enhance international cooperation, the department actively promotes lecturing in English. In recent years, the department has also collaborated on large-scale research projects with renowned institutes such as the Carnegie Mellon University and UC Berkeley. Our department maintains a strict standard for the hiring of new faculty members and also provides excellent research environment and the provision of scholarships to attract outstanding students. With the advantages of a young department, the world-class teaching and research facilities, and the integration of latest industrial trends, our department continues to increase overall research capacity every year. With solid basic training and earnest working attitude, our alumni continue to rank among the top wanted employees by the industry. Looking ahead, based on an already outstanding foundation, our department will attain greater excellence and will nurture tomorrow’s professionals in information industry as our contribution to the international IT domain.